013- Conversations In The Dark - Shake, Rattle, and Roll

September 27, 2017

Josh and Potter discuss the Manor's house quakes, lights. and a butt load of crazy that happened to Potter since the last time we spoke. Enjoy!!


012- Conversations In The Dark - Back in the Saddle

September 4, 2017

Josh and Potter regroup after a nice Summer break! Enjoy!!


011- Conversation In The Dark- Live Paranormal Investigation and Stuff Goes Sideways

July 27, 2017

Potter and Josh find themselves investigating Malvern Manor together for an interactive investigation. Listen closely and let us know if you hear any EVP's. Things certainly get interesting. Enjoy!!


010- Conversations In The Dark- UFO / Alien Mania!

July 11, 2017

Potter and Josh dive into some interesting stories involving UFO's and aliens. We also get a tiny glimpse into why Josh is so terrifies of aliens. 


009- Conversations In The Dark- Buzzed And Confused

June 22, 2017

After Josh and Potter's first interview, things went from smiles of amazement to Josh sharing stories that had Potter fighting to breath. 


008- Conversations In The Dark- The First Interview, And It’s A Doozy!!

June 18, 2017

Josh and Potter have a conversation in the dark with renowned paranormal investigator Ryan Buell about his road into and out of the darkness. 


007- Mission Impossible: Time Warp/ Rose /Getting This F*#$king Episode Online

June 6, 2017

Josh and Potter discuss house quakes, traveling back from the future, and introduce you to two new Malvern Manor guests. 


006- Conversations In The Dark- Event With Dustin Pari and KJ McCormick From Ghost Hunters

May 22, 2017

After a whirlwind of a weekend, Josh and Potter go over some of the more memorable moments from the event with Dustin Pari and KJ McCormick. Enjoy!!


005- Conversations In The Dark - Movin’ On Up!

May 22, 2017

You know all the stuff you see in sci-fi, supernatural, and super hero movies? Well Josh and Potter take you back in time "literally" but the twist is they spin it all paranormal.. because #thatswhatsup!!


004 - Conversations In The Dark - Josh’s Poo Poo Platter…Wait For It

May 1, 2017

Josh and Potter discuss some of the scarier moments at the Manor...specifically when Josh vacuums the floors. Enjoy!!


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