023- Conversations in the Dark - Season 1 Finale!!

April 23, 2018

Potter and Josh bid a fond farewell to season 1 and get geared up for season 2. Tons of cool announcements and information in this episode! Please enjoy and spread the word! Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us this season! See you soon!


022- Conversations In The Dark - Rumble In The Dungle

February 2, 2018

Potter and Josh, for the first time, get into a rumble in the dungle on air for you to enjoy! 


21- Conversations In The Dark- Holy War, Batman! A Battle For The Galaxies

January 10, 2018

Potter and Josh come back from Chirstmas break and the holy shit hits the fan. 


20- Conversations In The Dark - Poo Poo Platter Part Three- Dreaming

December 11, 2017

Josh and Potter uncover the science behind Poo Pourri while aslo exploring their symbolic dreams... Freudian? You decide. 


019- Conversations In The Dark - Postmortem

December 4, 2017

Potter and Josh are joined by Ryan Buell where the trio disucss the happenings of the PRS event at Malvern Manor. Enjoy!!


018- Conversations In The Dark - Potterverse/ DCverse WTF Is Reality Anyway?!

November 20, 2017

Josh and Potter welcome back Ryan Buell as they prepare for a first-time PRS investigation of Malvern Manor. 


017- Conversations In The Dark- Exit Wounds

November 15, 2017

Potter and Josh discuss some of the more interesting things that have been going on at the Manor over the last two weeks. Strange noises, voices, and premature exodus before the day is done. 


016- Conversations In The Dark - Josh Is A Football Hatin’ Piece Of Gutter Trash!!

October 23, 2017

Potter and Josh discuss some fun stories around the Manor. Oh... and aparrentley Josh doesn't like football!


015- Conversations In The Dark- October Goes Deep!

October 16, 2017

Potter and Josh discuss some more fun tales around the manor and also some other deeper topics! Enjoy!


014- Conversations In The Dark- Amped!

October 3, 2017

An inpromtu Conversations In The Dark lead Potter and Josh down a lightning fast highway to Hell that we call October 2nd, 2017! Join us!!